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About The Korea Bible (TBK)

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The Korea Bible is the place for K-lifers 

The Korea Bible (TKB) has been created by foreigner for foreigners who wants to live in Korea
for a night, a year or a lifetime. It came at a time where we realized that a lot of info that would make our life easier has not be publicly advertised and share and we believe that the only way 


TKB provides you with all the secret tips and necessary information to live your best Korean life.    Our team has gone through all the amazing highs of the Korean life as a worker, lifer or tourist! 


TBK strives to offer you the most updates and accurate information across Korea from the mega-technological city of Seoul to the lands of the natural Jeolla-Do (전라도).

TBK uses a combination of technology and on-site visits to provide you the best info, tips and photos!

Welcome to TBK!!!!!!

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